Networking Marketing No.1


Thank you. Living and working as a professor at an international university means: you get to know a lot about what is happening on the international market. To know what the big ideas will be tomorrow. Which companies have global potential. 

Good news for networking fans who simply rely on a professional company. I’ve been with a company for 5 years. Please get in direct contact with two of them! Leaders. A phone call to every leader. Then you decide, because after these two phone calls you can make a safe decision!

You’ll live see and feel: Both leaders work very differently. This is important. Because you will learn from two leaders why a yes to cooperation will change your whole life positively. Together they have the highest professionalism. Clear focus on a networking goal. Large, well-known brands and companies use the unlimited marketing potential of this networking company. I experience how marketing professors are amazed when they learn what this company does. I experience enthusiastic students. And many thousands of partners know: With this network marketing company they simply made the right decision. 

Many of you will have already had good and sometimes less good experiences. Forget everything you’ve ever done. As a professor, I invite you to discover something that is thought differently, new, bigger and further, planned and already successfully implemented in dozens of countries. Even experienced marketing professionals become speechless. 

So, two leaders. Two calls. A big goal. Actual you’re not already with this great company. You can only win. Interest! Then apply now by sending an e-mail with your contact details to


Important: Get to the point. Give a brief explanation as to why the two leaders should call you exactly. Why should we choose you as our partner? Which skills exactly do you bring with you when you are selected?! I can only bring you together in case of clear and serious reasons and motivated application. Because the two leaders only want to work with the best

Yours Prof. Dr. Klöckner