Pearls I Impulses for a better life

Thank you. To the many, many good teachers, mentors, trainers and friends in my life. Here are the most important pearls, wisdoms, communicative treasures, sentences, suggestions and impulses. A wrong word can destroy. A good word can motivate. And only one good, positive impulse can positively change your whole life.


Dr. Bernd W. Klöckner Pearls | Impulse

No solution without price

Yes. Please. Thank you. The three words of every functioning relationship.

Change goes beyond the potential

Sometimes the second best solution is the best solution

If you don`t do it, someone else does it. And this person makes it really good!

You don`t have to be the best. You have to be the first.

You have the people you deserve. You have the customers you deserve.

You have not done so many things.

I become the man whose story I tell.

Everybodys Darling is everybodys dumbass.

Who puts his head in the sand, whose ass is still visible.

The last shirt has no pockets.

Who is completely open to everything, can not be very close.

Experience Yes. Perfection no.

Whoever can go, stays sooner.

True love releases.

You do the best business when you do not need one

Courage makes you great. Fear makes you small.


Pearls | Impulses from teachers, mentors, trainers, friends

We do not have a past but hundreds. Therefore, the question arises: “Which past I choose for a specific goal?”
Gunther Schmidt

If you can do something on your own, that does not mean you have to do it alone
Gunther Schmidt

I am entirely responsible for what I say, but not for what you hear
Humberto Maturana

A person who has no mistakes is really faultless. There is only one mistake: This person is boring.
Maria Ebner von Eschenbach

As I talk about myself, I hypnotize myself.
Gunther Schmidt

Trust is complexity reduction
Gunther Schmidt

If a person searches in vain over and over again for a love relationship, the question is whether and to whom he or she is still bound
Klaus Mücke

In a relationship, the needy becomes the weaker, though he is the richer in needs. But if you want to be strong in relationships, you need to be poor. Those in need remain a beggar. everything has it’s price
Klaus Mücke